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Fine Art for your Yacht, Home or Office
Own a "DIMENSIONS' Chart as:
  • A unique 3D art conversation piece for your yacht, home or office.
  • A great piece of art showing the favorite waters you sail,
    to hang in your home, office, club or restaurant.
  • A distinctive centerpiece table with etched and beveled glass
    inlaid in an Oak, teak, burl or the wood of your choice
    custom table.
  • An executive gift for the CEO or yacht owner.
  • A regatta or offshore race trophy for your yacht
    or boat club's annual event.
Your Available Options:
  • Any chart of your choice.
  • Use a full chart or focus on a portion of the chart.
  • Wood and Frames
    • Stains and/or finishes
    • Walnut, Teak, Burl, Oak
  • Matting, Colors, and design cuts
  • Lighting system
    • Flashing buoys
    • Flashing Lighthouses
    • Flashing landmarks
    • Interior-shadow back light system
  • Etched glass
    • In nautical art designs of your choice.

3-Dimension nautical charts are unique and exceptional hand-crafted fine art pieces, created from original NOAA and/or British admiralty charts. A 3D chart is made to your specifications, with several creative options to choose from. These 3-Dimension nautical charts are one of a kind with flashing buoys and lighthouses. Lights flash individually in red, green, white, (even yellow) to the timing as indicated on the actual chart. Another 3D chart lighting option you may select ~ interior surround lighting ~ illuminates the interior of the 3D chart, creating highlights and casting shadows with a soft white light. The transition from daylight to evening is dramatic, showing the depths of the ocean and the deep dimensions of the 3D chart. No two 3D chart art pieces are alike. All 3D charts are handmade and hand-cut ~ from the actual chart overlays to lighting circuitry to custom framing.

Made in the USA

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Send us an email at: dimensionalchart@aol.com for more information.
We are located in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. Feel free to call me directly at 561-324-8244.
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